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Audio Samples
The Kank Zone!

Iqbal loves it!

This is one of my personal favorites.

What’s missing?

A pop filter.

The Evian Flew

This was made for a fun video on a gaming forum I visit regularly.

Dark Knightol

I did this one for fun! Dark Knightol will help you with your *cough* *snore*

Ruby Leech

Lifestyles of the Creative & Insane. 20 minutes long, two voices are not mine.

Call Me Ishmael

I recorded this before I had a pro setup. I made it just for this next one...

Thank you for...

I actually recorded this before Call Me Ishmael, but you’ll see why it’s second.

Phil Pistachio

Iran may produce the most pistachios, yet Phil is definitely American.

The Governator

No, I don’t actually voice this character for the cartoon, but I’d sure love to!

I can’t say that I’ve ever had a “normal” sense of humor. I’ve always found some of the strangest, grossest things funny at times. In some ways, I’ve never left the 5th grade when it comes to potty humor, yet I can appreciate some seriously highbrow comedy and satire. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep the scatological references to a minimum. I can’t even begin to explain why I (as in Kankennon) dominate the search results for “buttless chaps, llamas, and Fran Drescher.”


There are other fun samples to be found in the Professional samples area. All of these I made for either myself or friends.

The Kank Zone!™

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There’s some silly, weird, kooky stuff in here. Some of it funny even.

There’s a reason why I’m known as The Head Chef!

Click on the picture to hear the MP3

Very tame:

Less tame: