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Medical Pot

Florida got in on the act with this primer for compassionate low-THC marijuana.


This was a cute kids book about a boy and his magic pet fox. (YouTube link)

Metroid Saga

YouTube channel series about video game timelines. My part starts at 1:37

Age of Empires

YouTube teaser trailer narration was one of many things I did for them on this.

Fallout Lore

I am the Mysterious Storyteller in this YouTube series with views in the millions.

More Fallout

Season 2 is even better. They made me more than just a faceless narrator.

The CL

Stay at the luxurious Champagne Lodge with that special someone. (YouTube)

Are You Shy?

Overcome shyness by following a plan that works...

Click on the picture to hear the MP3


Penny Power!

Visit Amazon directly for details and a sample of the audiobook!


For a website specializing in night life and “dating” guides in Thailand.

Slow Burn  

Check out the whole Slow Burn series as I narrated up to book 6. Link to Audible


I’ve done hundreds of game reviews for mob.org’s YouTube. #46 is a fav of mine.

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