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Post Sheds

For storage. For beauty. For a lifetime. Visit post woodworking.com


This was for an app to freak out your friend or significant other late at night...

The Sarge

This motivational app was made to help you stop smoking, lose weight, & more.


This was for an app that determined if you were naughty or nice...


How can you find a good dentist? How much do procedures cost?

Vids that Work

Use video to spice up your site and what you want to sell! Videos need audio...

Stop Farting!

There’s a cure for flatulence? It may sound like a joke, but they’re serious.

Debt Relief

Trapped under mountains of unpaid bills? Let National Debt Relief help!

Click on the picture to hear the MP3


White Shanghai

Visit the website directly for details and an audio sample!


Take an online driver training course in CA and you just might be hearing my voice.


Whether it be the 10 or 30 hour outreach training course, I’ve got you covered!

Adv. of Spark

Listen to the tales of Spark the Stone Man, written by Asya Pekurovskaya.

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