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The Kank Zone!

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Dining Service

This service will offer your dinner plans to two restaurants for them to fight over.

Radio Play

I performed Keller for Ken Merrell’s script of The Identity Check.

Video Tutorials

Just one small part of a 40,000+ word online tutorial series for virtual servers.  

Tarot for n00bs!

A spooky Zen feel was needed for this bit on Tarot Reading for Beginners.  

Flash Network

Flash! Ahh-ahhh!

Savior of the biz networking meeting! *Cue guitar solo*

For Youth Sports

Promo for a Texas company that makes software to track kid sports curriculums.

Apartment Ad

This is to promote a newly available apartment located in Brooklyn, NY.

B-ground Check

There are back-ground checks for businesses, but how about for yourself?

Click on the picture to hear the MP3


Promo Video

This was to promote the foundations of Agrology in beautiful Canada.

eBook Promo

Do you want to sell your real estate fast? Just check out Larry Lee’s guide!

Voicemail Intro  

I can spice up your voicemail messages just like I did for Mr. Tiner!

Teaching is Hard

This is for a tutorial about teaching impoverished children.

Professional Samples Page 2

Audio Samples

* You’re in the past now. Page 2 are samples from 2011. My recording setup is even crisper nowadays. *