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Audio Samples
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Remix A/V

A client desired a new audio option for their demo video.

Can do!

iPhone app ad

I also helped write the script for this promo video for a new iPhone app.

Audio for video

For Peter White Web Design–the perfect place to go for all of your design needs!  

Video C/B Game

This was for a card game/board game targeted to English-speaking Muslims.  

Promo Video

Skillmega wanted a light, youthful voice for their new video promo.

Autism eBook

Just one small part of an audio e-book I made for special-learning.com.

Termite Video

Here’s a section of the audio that I recorded for an info video on termites.

Zombie Shooter

This was loads of fun making sounds and voices for a zombie-killing video game.

Whether they would be for a radio commercial, a television ad, a web presentation, a message center call system, an auto-dial telephone advertisement, an e-book, a professional narration, you name it, if you want an authentic, professional voice to speak on your behalf, then that would fall into this category.

Please listen to the samples that I have here, which are just scratching the surface of the types of voices that I can do.

The samples I have here are all in MP3 format. In actuality, I can provide almost any kind of audio file to you, like WAVs and WMAs too!

Professional Audio Samples

These would be the sorts of ones that you’d want to use for your business in some way.

Yours truly!

Click on the picture to hear the MP3