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You need a male voice of practically any kind?
I can do it.

Just tell me what you want.


I am a man of many talents, and one of my strongest is my vocal ability. I can do hundreds of accents, characters, impersonations, and many many more. I can vary my speaking voice from that of a friendly announcer, a bloodthirsty maniac, a Russian basketball player, a German art student, a medieval British king, to a bubbly cartoon character and everywhere in between and then some.
I have a naturally smooth, deep standard American speaking voice for the likes of narrating instructions, recording an audio book, hosting a seminar, you name it. I can write material too if needed.


But that’s not all I can do...

I used to do movie reviews for the DVD & Video Guide (Mick Martin & Marsha Porter, printed by Ballantine Books) from 2000 until its final printing in 2007.
I have degrees in Broadcast Communications and Advertising Design.

Since the mid-90's, my voice has been used for call center message systems, medical software advertising, impersonating celebrities, scaring the bejeezus out of people, and much more.
To this day, there is a man in Texas that is still convinced that he talked to the California Governator himself on the phone at his local video store. (This wasn't a prank call--a customer of mine at the time that ran the store had me do it.)

You need a male voice of practically any kind?
I can do it. Just tell me what you want.




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