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Voices are my specialty!

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You need a male voice of practically any kind?
I can do it.

Just tell me what you want.


I am a man of many talents, and one of my strongest is my vocal ability. I can do hundreds of accents, characters, impersonations, and many many more. I can vary my speaking voice from that of a friendly announcer, a wise traveler wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a flight or driving instructor, a video game historian, a Mongol warlord, a doctor specializing in weight loss products, a master of medieval lore, to a bubbly cartoon character and everywhere in between and then some.
I have a naturally smooth, deep standard American speaking voice for the likes of narrating instructions, recording an audio book, guiding an online tutorial, you name it.


How do you hire me?

That’s easy enough. Perhaps you found me via Upwork or an online B2B platform, and if so, you can hire me through there. Otherwise, send me an email or message me through my Contact Me page or you could even hit me up on Twitter @TheRealKank. Simply let me know what you need done and provide a total word count for your project (or at least a ballpark figure) and I can give you a time/cost estimate for it. By default, I master all of my audio files in WAV format and send the final files as MP3. If you prefer your finished files in another format, like WAV or AIFF, just let me know!



The Kank Zone!